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$200 per team

About Registration

Registration & Check-in

  • Registration closes at 11:59pm Monday May 31st  

  • Highest-rated player (NTRP) on team determines division eligibility

  • Registration for one division is $200/team.

  • Tournament Director reserves right to alter player entries and divisions at his discretion

  • At least one participant per team must be 18 years of age

  • Registered players must be available at designated match times between 8:00am to 5:00pm during match days. Unfortunately, refunds can not be granted.

  • We request that you arrive at least 15-minutes ahead of your scheduled match.

  • You will be directed to the Tournament Desk and be given a Player goodie bag.

Guidelines for Divisions (NTRP/skill levels)

  • Men's Open Division - Recommend players in the 5.0-6.0 level

  • Men's A - 9.5 combined (max)

  • Men's B - 8.0 combined (max)

  • Men's C - 6.5 combined (max)

  • Women's Open Division - Recommend players in the 5.0-6.0 level

  • Women's A - Country club "A" players or 8.5 (max)

  • Women's B - Country club "B" players or 7.0 (max)

  • Women's C - Country club "C" players or 6.0 (max)

  • Mixed A - Country club "A" players or 8.5 and above

  • Mixed B - Country club "B" players or 8.0 (max)

  • Mixed C - Country club "C" players or 6.5 (max)

Player Festivities

  • Free beverages and beer will be available all weekend for registered participants & Sponsors!

  • Your goodie bag contains a wrist band that must be worn for entry to food and party events!

  • If you have guests, you may purchase additional wrist bands online or on-site for the Saturday night Party ($50/person); cash, check and credit card will all be accepted.

Match Play

  • Tournament Director Danny Colon can be contacted at (904) 997-2004.

  • Player related info should be obtained from the Tournament Director and appointed staff.

  • For questions before or during the event please email

  • Please be available to play at any time during the tournament hours as we have a large number of players ... Accommodating special times is difficult, if not impossible, for our staff

  • Warm ups are limited to 10-minutes (MAX) and courts will be monitored to insure matches promptly start.

  • After your match is completed, please report to the Tournament Director desk and return balls, report scores and get your next match time.


  • We are optimistic that Mother Nature will cooperate through the weekend.

  • Staff will be monitoring the weather closely and making adjustments to match times/format as necessary (please be prepared to play as needed).

  • If a Rain occurs, every effort will be made to keep match-play going, however, in the event of a rain-out, no refunds will be granted.



Doubles Divisions

Men's Doubles (Open, A, B, C)

Women's Doubles (Open, A, B, C)

Mixed Doubles (A, B, C)

* Please see sign-up guidelines at left of page



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